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At Main Street Vet we offer a complete line of flea, tick, intestinal parasite, and heartworm preventatives. The table below shows the current products we offer and what each particular product covers. Please call our office for pricing or any other questions you may have.


The importance of keeping your pet on heartworm prevention cannot be stressed enough. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos year round! It is a myth that inside dogs do not need heartworm prevention. However, inside dogs are just as susceptible as outside dogs, as it only takes one bite for infection to occur! A prescription (current […]


In the southeast it is commonly known that flea preventatives are a necessity! Preventatives against fleas not only protect your pet from biting pests, but also prevent your environment from becoming infested. Fleas left untreated on your pet can cause numerous medical problems such as anemia, flea allergies, infection of the skin, and tapeworm infestations. […]

Intestinal Parasites

Parasites are also a common issue in pets. Most of the time, your pet will show signs such as diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, lack of appetite, vomiting, etc. However, occasionally these symptoms will not be apparent or will go unnoticed. Because of this, we recommend yearly fecal testing (in house). Most of our heartworm preventatives […]

Basic Info/Pet Health

Dental Health in dogs and cats is extremely important. Dogs and cats are unlikely to have cavities, but are very susceptible to gum and periodontal disease. Without proper care, your pet could experience painful tooth loss, sensitivity of the gums, and more. These problems may sound minor but could eventually lead to more serious health […]

Feline Health Awareness

Statistics show that there are 82 million pet cats in the United States, compared to 72 million dogs, making cats the most popular pet! Yet studies also show the number of feline veterinary visits is declining steadily each year. It is a common myth that cats are naturally healthier, health issues in cats are predominately […]

Senior Health Recommendations

It may be hard to face, but your beloved pet ages just like we do. In the veterinary field, we classify dogs and cats to be mature adults or seniors beginning at 8 years of age. Let us help you keep your senior pet happy in their golden years! With routine senior blood work, weight […]

Blood work

Running blood work on your pet is a great way to monitor your pet’s overall health. If your pet becomes sick, symptom specific diagnostic testing is a primary ar for veterinarians to assess your pet’s internal profile and make an accurate diagnosis. However, it is recommended to run a blood panel when your pet is […]