Blood work











Running blood work on your pet is a great way to monitor your pet’s overall health. If your pet becomes sick, symptom specific diagnostic testing is a primary ar for veterinarians to assess your pet’s internal profile and make an accurate diagnosis. However, it is recommended to run a blood panel when your pet is young and/ or healthy so that if a problem does occur, our doctors have a healthy record to compare to.
These blood panels can be referred to as a Baseline Diagnostic Profile for pets 1-6, and a Geriatric Diagnostic Profile for pets 7+ years old. These test are ran in house and can have results the same day. Blood work is extremely beneficial and in some cases required for our patients having procedures requiring anesthesia. Anesthesia is very safe for a healthy pet, but if there are problems we are unaware of, complications in surgery are likely to occur. It is always better for our doctors to be aware of potentials issues to be prepared.