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Are you planning a vacation? Need to go out of town on business? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to find someone trustworthy to care for your pet while you’re away? If you need to travel and can’t take your pet along, why not plan to have your best friend stay with us? Traveling can cause enough stress and anxiety- you don’t want to worry about whether your pet is being well cared for. We offer a convenient solution by providing boarding in our safe, clean, and comfortable environment.bandg

Our professional and friendly staff takes great care of our pet guests. We understand that each pet is unique, and we will make every effort to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, and healthy during his or her stay with us. We’ll treat you pet with compassion and care, and we’ll provide individualized tender loving care until you return!

Does your pet have special needs, health issues, medication, or a special diet? Do you have special requests? Would you like to tour our facility? We understand that your pet has a special place in your family and that leaving your pet with someone while you travel can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. We take great pride in our attention to cleanliness and in providing the highest quality care to each pet that stays with us.

We welcome your questions about our boarding facilities and policies and are eager to discuss how we can make your pet’s stay as happy as possible, while alleviating any stress you may be feeling about leaving your pet while you travel. Let us answer all your questions and put your concerns to rest! Call today to learn about our accommodations and boarding policies, or to schedule your pet’s stay.


Full Groom: Includes bath, blow out, breed specific cut, nail file, ear cleaning/plucking, anal gland expression and oral flea treatment. Price range- $40-$100 depending on breed and difficulty/condition

Shave Down: Includes all services listed under full groom

• Dogs: $1 per pound over 45 pounds. (Any dog under 45 pounds it is $45.00)
• Cats: $70 with $30 sedation charge if needed

Bath: Includes blow out and oral flea treatment,

• Dog: Small $32.00, Medium $35.00, Large $40.00
• Cat: $70.00 with $30.00 sedation charge if needed

Medicated Bath: For pets with skin conditions or allergies our prescription shampoos can make a world of difference!

• Small $40.00
• Medium $45.00
• Large $50.00

A La Carte:

• Ear cleaning-$18.00,
• Ear Plucking with cleaning- $25.00,
• Nail Trim- $15.00 Nail Filing $20.00
• Anal Gland Expression- $18.00,
• Nail Painting $3.00,
• Stencil $3.00


Over Night Boarding:

All guest staying with us receive constant company throughout their stay, except during night time hours. Guests are accompanied outside 3 times daily for potty and exercise time. We provide our guest with fresh water and Sensitive Stomach Science Diet kibble twice daily and an oral flea treatment which is mandatory for all pets staying in our facility to help us stay flea free. Here’s a list of our boarding options:

  • Dog Window View Runs – $30.00 a night single occupancy, $23 a night for second occupancy in the same run.
  • Dog Standard Runs – $25.00 a night single occupancy, $18 a night for second occupancy in the same run.
  • Cat Condo – $25.00 a night for a 2 level cat condon with seperate litterbox entrance.
  • Cat Cage – $20.00 a night for regular cat cages

Please visit our Gallery Page for pictures.

Day Care Boarding: $20.00 a day and includes constant company throughout the day. Day care guests are accompanied outside several times daily for potty, exercise, and play time.

In Town Walk: This is an extra service that is offered to all of our guests. Some of our clients like their furry companions to have extra exercise while they are visiting. This is a great option for those guests who have extra energy, long for companionship, or need to lose a few pounds.

Play Time: $10.00 a session, is another extra service offered to all of our guests. These playtimes can be one on one session or group sessions with other guests. Temperament evaluations will be determined before group play is allowed. Our back yard is entirely fenced in and even a small area double fenced to ensure safety during outside walks and play times.


Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm


Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Sunday: 5:00pm-5:30pm

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