Main Street Vet is adding Urgent and Emergency care for the treasured pets in our community.

Hours and appointments will begin Thursday, December 7, 2023.

Monday: 8 to 5 with Urgent Care Hours, 1p-3p

Tuesday: 8 to 5 with Urgent Care Hours, 1p-3p

Wednesday: 8 to 12 No Urgent Care Hours

Thursday: 8 to 5 with Urgent Care Hours, 1p-3p

Friday: 8 to 5 with Urgent Care Hours, 1p-3p

Saturday: 8 to 12 No Urgent Care Hours

Sunday: clinic is closed, no urgent care hours

Wellness Visit: Routine yearly to get patient up to date on vaccines with no other concerns, $54

Sick Visit: Regular appointment made within our regular appointment times for issues such as: ear infection, itching/scratching, chronic illness (already diagnosed), red skin/ear, $69

Urgent Care: persistent vomiting, known foreign body, Toxin ingestion, straining to urinate, aggressive coughing without distress, small wounds or lacerations.

Preferred Patient Urgent Care: We have an exam on file for the patient in the last 12 months, $89

Patients who have had an exam at Main Street Vet within the last 12 months qualify as Preferred Patients. 

Non-Patient Urgent Care: We do not have a current exam (last 12 months) on file for the patient, $149

Urgent Care are cases need to be seen as soon as possible, preferably same day. The urgency may be due to medical needs, or owner peace of mind. Our customer service staff will as always help people make the best decision for their pets and family. We will schedule your appointment and, in some cases, ask that pets with Urgent Care needs come in immediately to begin diagnostics, or by 10am where possible. 

Emergency: Respiratory distress, Collapse, unable to walk or get up, unable to pass urine (especially male cats), severe trauma (bit by a car, animal attack), prolonged active seizures, profuse bleeding

Preferred Patient Emergency: We have an exam on file for the patient in the last 12 months, $99

Preferred Patients of Record will receive a $100 discount on Emergency Care appointments.

Non-Patient Emergency: We do not have an exam on file for the patient, $199

Emergency is a life-or-death situation. Our customer service staff will advise you to come immediately to Main Street Vet provided we are the best place to handle the emergency you are describing and the time you call. If we are not the best place to handle the emergency, we will refer you and work with the organizations in our region that are best equipped to help. 


Quick Facts:

  • Urgent Care Appointments and Walk-Ins. 
  • Appointments are available by reservation and held by credit card deposit. 
  • Walk-Ins are first come, first serve and according to urgency. A deposit for the full price of the appointment will be taken upon arrival. 
  • Emergency appointments will be triaged by our team of veterinary professionals during all opening hours.
  • The Emergency appointment fee will be taken during triage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As a new service in our area, MAIN STREET VET is introducing Urgent Care slowly and ensuring we have resources to provide the best service possible. Our goal is to have an after-hours Urgent Care Clinic open by 2025 on our current, convenient campus at 1311 Eatonton Road. 

MAIN STREET VET refers urgent medical needs and emergencies to University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and East Metro Emergency Vet. 

The veterinary industry is seeing a trend of turning clients away due to overbooking, including local clinics and regional emergency hospitals. Regional emergency hospitals are also often prohibitively expensive. MAIN STREET VET wants to provide our clients with a local resource for urgent and emergency care. 

Urgent and Emergency Care is by nature physically and mentally demanding. Deposits honor the time and expertise our dedicated veterinary professionals devote to helping in challenging and circumstances. 

Appointment fees cover the veterinary team’s initial consultation and assessment of your wellness, sick pet, urgent care or emergency needs. Diagnostic tests and treatment are billed in addition to appointment fees. 

Pet parents can avoid many urgent and emergency situations by keeping their companions up to date on wellness exams, vaccinations and the appropriate diagnostics for their pet’s age and unique disposition. With that in mind, we reduced the fees for Urgent Care and Emergencies significantly for pet parents who participate actively with the veterinary team at MAIN STREET VET to provide the best medicine for their companions. 

Based on your pet’s circumstances, our customer service team will recommend the best way to begin assessing and treating your pet. When coming in by 10am or as soon as possible is in the best interest of your pet, this is what we will recommend. 



P : 706.342.2955
F : 706.342.0823


Cammie Harris, General Manager

maryann Mullins, Assisstant General manager


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