General Surgery

We offer a range of general surgeries that your pet may require. Just to name a few:

  • Orthopedics
  • Abdominal exploratory
  • Splenectomy
  • Osteotomy
  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Aural hematoma
  • Laceration repair
  • Mass removal

We strive to make sure each pet is taken care of, as if they were our own. We offer several different pre surgery options that will ensure that your pet will do fine through its procedure. During the procedure the pets heart rate, pulse, and breathing is continuously monitored and charted. We are now offering a Cerenia Injection to all surgeries. Please see our surgery form for more information on our pre surgery options.

Pre-Surgery Form

    Consent for Admission, Treatment, Anesthesia & Surgery

    I, the undersigned owner or responsible agent, hereby authorize the doctors at Main Street Vet to prescribe for, treat, anesthetize or perform surgery on the above named pet(s). Should some unexpected life-saving emergency care be required, Main Street Vet’s staff has my permission to provide such treatment and I agree to pay for such care. I understand that anesthesia and surgery are procedures which contain inherent risks. I am encouraged to discuss any concerns about those risks with my attending veterinarian prior to procedures being performed. I agree to assume full financial responsibility for the balance of all services rendered at the time my pet is discharged.

    Please type your full name below:

    Signature of owner or responsible agent

    Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork Consent ($100.00) IV Catheter Placement ($35.00)

    Your pet is scheduled for anesthesia and/or surgery. To assure that your pet is in a low risk category, we recommend a screening blood profile. This test can be performed in our hospital the day of surgery. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork helps detect problems that may not be apparent on physical exam. The results will also serve as reference values for the future. IV Catheters are placed for fluid hydration during surgery and quick access to a vein if needed during the surgical procedure.
    Profile includes: PCV(anemia), Creatinine&BUN(kidney), Glucose(sugar), T.P.(hydration)ALP&ALT(liver)

    Please choose one:

    Please complete the bloodwork you recommended prior to anesthesia on my pet. If abnormalities are found, please call and inform me at the given number.I have elected to refuse the recommended pre-anesthesia bloodwork at this time and request that you proceed with anesthesia

    If you choose to be informed, what is the best phone number to reach you at?

    IV Catheter Placement:


    Please type your full name below:

    Signature of owner or responsible agent

    Pre-Surgical Check List

    • Remove all food after 8:00 pm the night before pets surgery.
    • Complete and sign the consent sections of this form.
    • Give your pet lots of extra pats and kisses.
    • Arrive at the hospital the morning of surgery between 8:00 – 8:30 am

    Save This Life Microchips $35.00

    While under anesthesia we can microchip your pet. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted just under the skin around the shoulder blades. If your pet should become lost, a microchip will identify you as the owner. The cost is $35.00 with no annual registration fee.

    Would you like to microchip your pet?

    Yes, microchip my petNo, do not microchip my pet

    Anti-Nausea Injection

    A Cerenia injection can be given to your pet. This injection will help to prevent nausea in your pet, encourage them to eat faster after surgery and recover quicker.

    Would you like your pet to receive a Cerenia injection?


    Laparoscopic Procedures

    Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery option for a multitude of procedures. It uses only a few small incisions, reduced risk of bleeding during and after surgery, less of a need for an Elizabethan collar, faster recovery time and lower risk of infection. With all surgical procedures sometimes incidents arise where the plan of surgery needs to change in the middle of the procedure. For spay procedures it is an Ovariectomy and the uterus is left but should not cause any issues in the future. By signing below you acknowledge the above and give permission to the surgeon to convert the laparoscopic procedure to a traditional surgery if needed

    Please type your full name below:

    Signature of owner or responsible agent

    Email Address: